24HourCoffeePeople is a bustling coffee shop on the outskirts of London: this blog shares moments where caffeine isn’t the main event but the people who visit or work there really are.

Somehow, Feargal has simply gathered dogs. What started as one refugee from his past life as a war photographer has grown into a brood of seven. And, it’s no stretch to say that a mangier group of animals would be hard to find. Mad Susan’s bullish Pomperanian looks a positive beauty along side Feargal’s pack of misfits. He roams the nearby park wearing a weather resistant trilby style hat and red Hunter wellington boots, with a fat, damp cigar dangling precariously from his lips. But the odd septet leap to his every command, and despite their fierce appearance are docile as lambs. The same can’t be said of Feargal who bellows at cyclists not following the path and positively roars at picnic makers for baiting his hounds. The park is a bad place to embark on an outdoor eating experience if Feargal is about and none of this is helped by his insistence that a four-shot expresso is the very thing to calm his nerves.


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