Fabian In Charge

24HourCoffeePeople is a bustling coffee shop on the outskirts of London: this blog shares moments where caffeine isn’t the main event but the people who visit or work there really are.

While Xena is on holiday (a strangely lavish tour for a coffee shop manager; unless of course she has shares..), Fabian has for the first time risen fully to the challenge of taking charge. He’s often seen at the corner table overseeing the others making coffee, with a stack of figure laden spread sheets and order forms in front of him. He’s getting very picky about profit. Guy, who has always managed to wangle a second cup of coffee free, is the first victim of Fabian’s regime. Guy has a perfectly adequete income by all accounts, but every morning he makes a big show of clearing cups that aren’t his, arranging them tidily in the sink, then proffering his own empty cup up for a refill. It’s annoyed all the staff for ages, but they haven’t had the heart to refuse him – even Xena, whose feisty nature keeps an order of sorts at 24, won’t tell him it’s not acceptable. Fabian, deeply immersed in the world of profit and loss, has calculated that its costing 24 about £500 a year for Guy’s free top up and is determined that he won’t have it any more. Guy also has a habit of going behind the counter to fetch a clean cup or get a glass of water, and he automatically goes to the front of any queue that may have formed. He’s made himself so at home that he has forgotten that he doesn’t actually live there. It’s hit him hard; I’m almost sorry for him. In one fell swoop, he is no longer enjoying free coffee, queue jumping rights or the freedom to roam around behind the counter. Fabian, on the other hand, is jubilant. Reigning in Guy has been his finest hour.


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