Up In The Air

24HourCoffeePeople is a bustling coffee shop on the outskirts of London: this blog shares moments where caffeine isn’t the main event but the people who visit or work there really are.

Fabian is completely fascinated by a not-so regular customer, whose height at roughly 6ft 8ins makes him stand out from the crowd. In his early fifties, he’s known locally as Mr Von Castles In Germany as its rumoured he invested heavily in schloss(es?). I’ve not yet told Fabian that I know one set of Mr Von’s neighbours who are in turn mesmerised and alarmed at his habit of trampolining naked in his garden for 17 minutes at 7am precisely. It was a horrible shock for the elderly neighbour on the other side whose bathroom overlooks Mr Von’s garden; she inadvertently spat her toothpaste foam all down her Vyella dressing gown.


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