Italians And Cats. Who Knew?

24HourCoffeePeople is a bustling coffee shop on the outskirts of London: this blog shares moments where caffeine isn’t the main event but the people who visit or work there really are.

Way back in the day when 24HourCoffeePeople first opened it’s doors, Italians ruled that particular part of the village (if indeed you can have a ‘village’ in London – it’s a moot point, I know). A full complement of red-blooded Italian men and women perculated, whisked, brewed and frothed under the watchful eye of manager, Leona, owner of a discernable 5 o’clock shadow, a whispy but full moustache and fat, black plaits. When Leona became pregnant, we couldn’t actually tell, so you’ll guess she is on the large size. I have known smaller fridges. Leona left to return to Italy after the birth of her baby with a promise to come back to seize back managership before her maternity entitlement ran out. After to-ing and fro-ing between Italy and London, Leona realised that parenting and heating up paninis for a living don’t match so she set off to Italy to settle there instead. She left her cat with Milo and his girlfriend (a twin in both looks and personality for Carla from Cheers). The cat quickly became a surrogate child for Milo and Carla-twin, dissipating their tempestuous and often publicly aired full volume arguments. The cat brought Peace. Leona demanded the cat back. Milo and Carla-twin insisted the cat was a parting gift from Leona and have refused point blank to let it leave on the next Easy-Jet flight to Rome. The result is a court case; Leona is heading back to London later this month to fight to the death for her pussy.


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